How to Make the Most of Word’s Custom Dictionary

Dictionary and laptop

Customising your Word dictionary to each unique writing or editing project — such as a research thesis, book or journal paper — has many benefits. Here’s how to make the most of it.

APA Seventh: What’s New? 20 Changes You Need to Know About

Devilish Details Fiendish Tips for Writers and Editors The American Psychological Society (APA) published the seventh edition of its Publication manual on 1 October 2019. So what’s new? This blog post highlights changes from the sixth edition, including reference to the manual's section numbers and links to resources. My copy arrived a few weeks ago … Continue reading APA Seventh: What’s New? 20 Changes You Need to Know About

How to Eliminate Wordiness: 7 Fiendish Tips for Clear, Succinct Writing

Writing clearly and succinctly is important for communicating effectively to your intended audience, and to do this, economy of expression is key. Writers tend to worry, however, that cutting words from their manuscript will result in boring text devoid of voice. So how do you reduce wordiness in your scholarly writing without removing your personality? Here are 7 fiendish (and simple) tips for eliminating wordiness, resulting in clear, succinct writing.

A Guide to Working with Word’s Track Changes + 5 Fiendish Tips to Use Them More Efficiently

Figure 2. Paragraph showing marked up text (strikeout and underline) in All Markup view.

This blog post will guide you through the basics of turning Track Changes on and off, choosing what to show as markup, viewing the changes to your text in different ways and accepting/rejecting a reviewer’s recommended edits.

Also included are five Fiendish Tips for when you’ve mastered the basics and you want to work with Track Changes even more efficiently.

How to Apply, Modify and Create Word Styles with Confidence

This blog post shows you how to confidently apply consistent formatting throughout your document using Word’s in-built styles, modify styles to suit your needs, and create new styles from scratch.

Three Hot Tips will help you work with styles more effectively.