Research theses, books and chapters, journal papers, research proposals and reports

The Detail Devil can copyedit, format and proofread your manuscript to your preferred style guide or publisher’s requirements. If you’re writing for an international audience, please let me know if British, Australian or US English is required. Contact me to ask a question or to request a quotation.

Academic books and journal papers

The Detail Devil has cast its professional eye over countless academic books and papers destined for publication in peer-reviewed, international journals—especially in the social sciences. Take a look at my Portfolio for a snapshot of recent projects. Whether your paper needs a light touch to add shine or a heavier hand to improve flow, contact me to see how the Detail Devil can help.

Master’s theses and PhD dissertations

Years of hard work reading, undertaking research, writing, discussion, presenting, more writing, revisions, countless cups of coffee, and yet another re-write of that chapter … and now, at last, you’re ready to submit. But you fear your hierarchy of headings may be skewed, or there might be inconsistency in your referencing, or there’s a rogue table caption in the wrong type size.

The Detail Devil can copyedit, format and proofread your manuscript to the required style (for example, the APA Publication Manual or the Oxford Guide to Style). Contact me to ask a question or to request a quotationHead over to the Portfolio page to see the broad range of research areas in which the Detail Devil works.

A note for PhD and master’s students

The Institute of Professional Editors has produced the Guidelines for Editing Research Theses, which outline the extent and nature of editorial services that professional editors can provide when editing a research thesis or dissertation.

The guidelines not only give guidance to editors, but also provide a guide for academic supervisors and students. It is the student’s responsibility to check the specific requirements of their university.

As per the Australian Standards for Editing Practice (2nd edition), the involvement of a professional editor should be restricted to copyediting or proofreading—please see Parts D (‘Language and illustrations’) and E (‘Completeness and consistency’) of the Standards for further advice in these areas.

Regarding substance and structure please see Part C of the Standards—a professional editor may draw attention to such problems, but solutions cannot be offered.

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