Everything looks so lovely — you have transformed my thesis into a thing of beauty! Seriously, I am just blown away by your expertise and attention to detail. This comment probably does not mean too much coming from a rookie, but I know [supervisor] is very pleased with your work, and she has a very high, no really, very high standards! My heartfelt thanks for everything, Pam. Time to chill the glasses!
Marina Keenan, Doctoral Candidate (Speech Pathology)
University of Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much for your wonderful work, Pam! Your work is detailed and it has been a pleasure to read it [research report] through today. The document is much improved!! It looks amazing. You have done a wonderful job on this report and it is so much better for your help!
Dr Fran Gale, Senior Lecturer (Social Work and Community Welfare)
Western Sydney University, Australia

I am so grateful for what Pam did in copyediting, proofreading and cross-checking for my book chapter, journal article and PhD thesis. She did a wonderful job. The manuscripts looked polished, professional and readable. I have learnt much from her advice in APA style, formatting and language use. Pam is very diligent, responsible, thoughtful, professional and punctual.
Nhung Nguyễn, Doctoral Candidate (Language Teacher Education)
Western Sydney University, Australia

Enormous thank you for the care taken and attention to detail throughout. An enormous effort and greatly appreciated. The manuscript looks so professional and reads very well. Thank you. I have learnt so much from you! Thank you for the positive feedback, and the great care and attention to detail you have taken throughout. The thesis is looking polished and professional. Thank you.
Rachel Pollitt, Doctoral Candidate (Mathematics Education)
University of Melbourne, Australia

Pam efficiently and expertly copyedited my PhD thesis prior to submission. She provided professional and respectful suggestions that improved my writing style and structure. I learnt a lot from Pam as her corrections/suggestions were clearly explained and justified. Pam is kind, accommodating, and has brilliant communication skills. I will definitely be recommending Pam’s services to peers and colleagues.
Jessica Zanuttini, Doctoral Candidate (Education and Social Work)
University of Sydney, 

I thoroughly recommend the Detail Devil. Pam assisted me to finalise submission of a book manuscript of over 130,000 words for a prestigious international publisher [Assessing Mathematical Literacy: The PISA Experience, 2014, Springer]. She has an excellent command of English, including the finer points of grammar. She set up the styles for our Word program to simplify the formatting task and to deal with references, figures, tables and indexing. Pam is a master of academic style manuals and finds answers to complex referencing questions quickly and accurately. She is indeed good at detail and tracks it through the manuscript. Best of all, Pam is able to achieve just the right balance between making a decision and referring a decision to you. A pleasure to work with.
Emeritus Professor Kaye Stacey (Mathematics Education)
Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

I am writing to express my gratitude to your patience in giving suggestions in detail and to let you know that your job is appreciated. I can absolutely understand the pressure of doing such a job because I was an English teacher before I started this research and I used to mark my students’ compositions for Chinese College English Test. Each time after marking their work, I felt I could not breathe for several days. So many tiny mistakes and inappropriate usages! Your work reminds me about those days and reminds me to reflect myself and to be a better teacher, with more patience and understanding. You are an amazing person.
Yu Han, Doctoral Candidate (Chinese Teacher-Researcher Education)
Western Sydney University, Australia

Pam provided a truly fantastic service with helping me get my PhD thesis to a point where I was really proud and ready to submit it. In the last couple of months, it’s unbelievably stressful but to know that you have such caring, professional and detailed support in Pam makes it all so much easier. I’ve even learned how to use the semicolon after all these years! Honestly, I couldn’t recommend her work highly enough. Thank you!
Clare Dallat, Doctoral Candidate (Outdoor Education)
Western Sydney University, Australia

We owe Pam Firth (The Detail Devil) immeasurable gratitude. As our copy-editor, Pam’s valuable insights, attention to detail, and professionalism shone throughout the project. We are forever indebted, and readers will witness her ‘special touch’ in every chapter of this handbook [The Palgrave international handbook of women in outdoor learning, 2018, Palgrave Macmillan]
A/Prof Tonia Gray1 and Prof Denise Mitten2 (Eds.)
Western Sydney University, Australia and Prescott College, United States

Very efficient, responds to requests and questions very promptly, did an excellent job editing and formatting my PhD thesis.
Yael Bar-Zeel, Doctoral Candidate (Health & Wellbeing)
University of Newcastle, Australia

Pam did a wonderful job editing my Master’s Research Proposal. I am really grateful for her exceptional professionalism and attention to detail. It was an absolute joy with Pam from start to finish. Pam’s extensive knowledge helped enormously with the nuances of the APA styling conventions and inconsistencies in writing. The final document has a lovely professional feel to it. I wholeheartedly recommend Pam’s editing service and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Jenny Pesina, MEd (Research) Candidate
Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation, University of Sydney, Australia

We need to acknowledge our copyeditor Pam Firth of The Detail Devil. We have endless appreciation for her unwavering contribution to this project, where her professionalism shone through immeasurably. No doubt our readers will witness Pam’s editorial acumen contained in this book [The globalisation of higher education: Developing internationalised education research and practice, 2018, Palgrave Macmillan].
Dr Tim Hall, A/Prof Tonia Gray, Dr Greg Downey, and Prof Michael Singh (Eds.), Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University, Australia

You have chosen one of the best if you choose Pam as your editor. Professionally exceptional, APA wizard, and supportive are three ways to describe Pam who copyedited and formatted my PhD dissertation, yet those descriptors fall short in communicating what I experienced. There were tricky verb tense issues throughout my paper that Pam handled masterfully. She remained upbeat and communicated quickly throughout the 3 passes I needed (struggled at my end with my last chapter). She met her deadlines and remained flexible and articulated clearly the accommodations she could make when I needed deadlines extended, which in that time of high stress was greatly appreciated. Her attention to detail, including digging into obscure APA guidelines, made this last push to produce a refined presentation not only bearable, but enjoyable; I felt like I had a highly adept and pleasant (even fun) partner in making the work the best it could be. Highest and unqualified recommendation for her editing services, services I will continue to use.
Ann Sutton, Doctoral Candidate (Sustainability Education)
Prescott College, United States

Pam did a marvellous job with my thesis. Her meticulous copyediting and cross-checking skills caught numerous inconsistencies that would have otherwise been missed and her knowledge of APA is second to none. The formatting and style guide that Pam applied lifted the whole document and gave it that professional feel. Given that the final submission of a research thesis can be very stressful, Pam’s calm and sensitive style, which helped me to work to the required submission deadlines, was most appreciated. I would not hesitate to call upon her talents again in the future. And will.
Melanie Nash, Doctoral Candidate (ICT in Education)
University of Melbourne, Australia

Pam is the Managing Editor for the international peer-reviewed Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education, and her role includes copyediting each paper then typesetting each issue using Adobe InDesign. As Editor, I rely on Pam’s keen eye for detail and her diligence in making sure that the issues we produce are of the highest standard possible.
Associate Professor John Quay, Editor-in-Chief
Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education (Outdoor Council of Australia)

Pam is the most detailed and thoughtful editor I have ever worked with. Her service is incredibly focused and timely, and her comments meaningful, gentle and filled with valuable resources. Pam is a resourceful editor who provides exceptional service to her clients. She was very respectful of my work and supportive of my research. She offered a variety of helpful resources and made sure that my voice and writing style were not lost during her editing process. Her copyediting skills are exceptional and her talent for catching inconsistencies astonishing. She completely understood my research and was aware of subtle nuances of my work and was able to suggest the right vocabulary. Her approach was respectful, collaborative and knowledgeable. I have learned a tremendous amount of information and appreciate her service beyond words. She is a phenomenal editor and I wholeheartedly recommend her services.
Lenka V. Studnicka, Doctoral Candidate (Sustainability Education)
Prescott College, United States

I came across Pam’s work when she edited an article I had submitted to the Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education (for which Pam is Managing Editor). In the first draft I received from Pam I could see that her suggested amendments made my article more legible and readable … Pam’s attention to detail, whether it is in revising citations, checking that I have adhered to APA style or helping to prepare my papers for submission has been incredibly helpful. She is timely with her responses and I will continue to use her services for future publications.
Will Dobud, Clinical Social Worker
True North Expeditions, Australia

Pam did a wonderful job copyediting and formatting my PhD thesis. Her professional manner along with brilliant communication skills leads me to recommending her to others. She was efficient in responding to queries and she kept to all deadlines. Having said that, when I needed deadlines altered, she did her best to accommodate me, which I appreciated. Thanks Pam, I will certainly be using your services in the future.
Bernadette Long, Doctoral Candidate (Mathematics Education)
Monash University, Australia

I can’t thank Pam enough for her work on my debut novel Rebellion. She made sense of my nonsense and knows things about grammar that had me googling. I even had a comment from another self-published author yesterday saying, ‘Congrats to your copy editor. A very clean manuscript!’ I can’t recommend Pam enough, she was brilliant to work with and I felt confident putting my work out into the world knowing that she’d copy edited and proofed it. I’ll definitely be using her for my next novel.
Josephine Boyce, YA Fiction Author
London, UK

I have been thoroughly impressed by the work of the Detail Devil: professional and efficient with the promised attention to all detail. Pam has assisted me with both the proofreading and copyediting of book chapters, research grant submissions and academic journal articles. Necessary corrections for typos etc. are always clearly shown, and suggestions to improve clarity are indicated by comments that are respectful of the author and their intention. Recently, in response to the reviewers of a professional journal, Pam assisted with restyling all passive voice to active voice without changing the global meaning of the text. This task illustrated Pam’s ability to improve aspects of communication at all levels, from typos and punctuation to sense and structure.
Associate Professor Robyn Pierce (Mathematics Education)

Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

I am so grateful for Pam. She not only brought exceptional expertise to the job I asked of her [copyediting a thesis], but she is genuinely kind, a brilliant communicator, and it is obvious that she genuinely loves what she does. She makes the gruelling, ‘pointy end’ of writing a delightful denouement. So many times I have thought about the qualities Pam brings to her work. I would use her again in a heartbeat!
Sarah Rutherford, Doctoral Candidate (Education)
Monash University, 

Pam provided excellent copyediting and proofreading services for my thesis. She was professional, efficient, insightful and personable. Her capacity to pick inconsistencies, ask probing questions and clarify ideas was second to none. Pam provided a service over and above my expectations. Not only did she meet deadlines, she actually delivered ahead of time! Pam made just a monotonous task an enjoyable one for me. I highly recommend her services for any academic endeavour.
Peter Botross, Doctoral Candidate (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

Choosing a professional editor for the editing of a PhD thesis is a sensitive job. Initially, I had engaged another PhD editor, but I was not happy with the editing. Hence, a good sum of money went down the drain. Pam quickly rescued me from this frustration, leading to appreciation from me and my supervisor.
Shafqat Rahman, Doctoral Candidate (Assessment in Education)
Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne, Australia

The final stages of a PhD study are both exciting and overwhelming for the author. It is at this point when you need someone who does not know you or your work to meticulously copyedit the final draft. Pam has an eye for detail. She is an editor who reads to correct but also to bring succinct meaning to your work. During this process, she outlines her corrections and recommendations, teaching you to be a better writer. And all this is done in an efficient manner with frequent communication. In a PhD study, deadlines can daunt you but Pam will step in and prepare a timeline that will ensure you stay organised for the finish line. She was a star in my gloomy sky. If I could ever give her any criticism, it would be to consider changing her title to ‘The Detail Angel’. This is the best money I have ever spent on myself.
Penelope Kalogeropoulos, Doctoral Candidate (Mathematics Education)
Monash University, Australia

Handing over the plethora of thesis chapters to Pam for final style formatting was one of the best decisions I made during the final stages of my PhD. This allowed me to focus on the content matter without the stress induced by ensuring the document presented professionally and beautifully. I was so happy with Pam’s work. The final document prepared was perfect and reflects her incredible attention to detail and pride in her own work. The whole process was enhanced by Pam’s prompt and clear communication and her understanding when unexpected things came up. I will highly recommend Pam to my fellow PhD candidates for any editing they require of their theses.
Kate Hughes, Doctoral Candidate (Earth Sciences)
The University of Queensland, Australia

Pam is the best. I wish I had found her earlier. She is very, very thorough. She did an amazing job with my thesis and was well worth every penny I spent. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you ever so much for doing a great job, Pam. All the best.
Oshadie Korale, Doctoral Candidate (Health & Well-being)
University of Central Lancashire, UK

Pam has a pleasant personality, but when it comes to copyediting or proofreading, she actually assumes a ‘detail devil’ persona, making corrections/ suggestions or asking for clarifications with this sense of purpose and mission that adds to the efficiency of the overall service experience. Pam also displays appropriate cultural sensitivity to the ways in which language is used.
Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah (Mathematics Education)
Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

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